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It was a dark and stormy night. All through the house not a single mouse was sleeping. Why? Could it be because your work isn’t done and the nagging voice in the back of your head is getting louder? It says, “Stop the madness! You’ve got to get your book out!”

Don’t wait any longer. No more waiting months for a publisher to get back to you. Will it be…. “yes?” Will it be… “no?” No more $1 royalties. No more waiting to take charge of your writing career. Get your book out now!



My goal as your editor is to provide you with a stress-free process to get your work completed and up on Amazon sale channels.

Don’t have your book finished at this time? No worry. ¬†Purchase a package that will take you through rounds of editing to a finished book. How is THAT for motivation?

Have a family member miserable because they can’t get their book out? Buy services for them. How is THAT for support?

Take advantage of my services to get your book finished, formatted, online, and ready for paperback and Kindle sales in the Amazon store.

Let’s get started!

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